April 13, 2012

Why are you waiting on Portland Real Estate?

Are you a lurker?  Bench warmer? A Watcher?  Fence sitter?

Are you a potential home buyer that watches the Portland real estate market and waits from the sidelines?

Are you someone who does not want to contact an agent, won't ask for more information or  go as far as request a showing?

Portland Real Estate Homes For Sale 

Are you really just snooping or browsing and hoping somehow that the price will come down dramatically (more than they are) or hoping that a particular seller will become desperate?

Don't be one of those people that get disappointed when their dream house sells without taking action.  Don't be the guy that keeps saying, "I'm going to buy that place!", but doesn't move quite fast enough.

Don't wait until its too late.

I admire the cautious buyer, I truly do.  But it's possible to be overly cautious.

After a sale has closes, you're done.  You have waited too long to get serious about that particular property.

Someone else scheduled a showing, signed an offer, wrote a check for earnest money, had an inspection and showed up at the closing table.  While you were daydreaming about buying the house at that unbelievably low price you were hoping for.  Basically, someone else ate your lunch.

So by all means, take your time.  Do your homework. Check your bank account.  Take all the necessary steps required to give yourself that level of comfort with the idea of buying one of the many homes for sale in Portland.

But don't wait too long.  Others are doing the same things you are... and they might not want to wait any longer.


Rich Peralta is a real estate professional in the Portland Metro Area, including Lake Oswego, Tualatin and  West Linn Real Estate.

He can be reached at 503.961.2181 or by e-mail at rich.peralta@exprealty.com

Contact him  for more information on Portland,  Lake Oswego or West Linn Real Estate!

Originally posted on West Linn Real Estate.

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