April 22, 2011

What Homeowners Think About Being Homeowners

What do homeowners say about homeownership?


While there have been many families that have been devastated by the current economy,but, homeowners have really not wavered in their belief in homeownership as the best long-term investment.  Add in the social benefits of owning a home, it looks like investing in real estate is still a positive.


Since the collapse of the residential market in the last five years, experts want to let us know how Americans feel about owning a home.  You hear people say that homeowners must be devastated and feel trapped like prisoners in their own homes.  Homeowners are especially sorry they ever bought the house. While these assumptions seem logical at times, the only people who truly understand how homeowners feel  are the homeowners themselves...

To see what three different studies over the last year have found what homeowners think about homeownership, Click here to read the entire post.



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