Jan. 13, 2010

University Park

University Park is a fairly peaceful community which is centered around the gorgeous campus of the University of Portland. The neighborhood boasts breath-taking views of the West Hills and Forest Park across from the panoramic Willamette River and a sense of solitude. University Park's dwellings are primarily homes constructed after World War II that have no defining style, but a few classic residences such as Queen Ann Victorian and Colonials exist as well. This development benefits from Portland's amenities , which consist of surreal parks, prestigious schools, marvelous shopping options, first rate restaurants, exceptional hospitals, a fantastic library, fabulous museums, a great movie theater, a major league sports team (the Trail Blazers), a terrific zoo, and an excellent infrastructure (in close proximity to the Max Light Rail). Portland provides a varied selection of employment opportunities with a number of manufacturing companies, high tech industries, and retail businesses.

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