Feb. 14, 2010

Turning Renters into Buyers, Portland is in the Top 10 on Forbes List

Portland cracks  the Top 10 cities that Forbes thinks is prime for renters to turn into buyers.  A few of the reasons why Portland makes the list is the cities developmental constraints, a high quality of life and the spread between what you end up paying while renting versus spending on a mortgage is at a 15 year low.  Couple that with good inventory of homes, good prices and great interest rates, Portland is prime real estate.

Another very good point that the author makes is that the want to buy and time to buy is a lifestyle decision that only the individual can make.  Just because it may be a good time to purchase instead of renting, your personal situation and desire to own real estate has to be right as well.

Here is the link to the entire  article from Forbes.


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