Oct. 7, 2010

Tigard Dog Park Foreclosed

Washington County's oldest Dog Park (Potso), located in Tigard by the Hwy 217,  has been foreclosed.  The dog park is not owned by the city but leased from Portland real estate firm.  The firm gave the land to the bank as collateral for the loan they could not continue to pay.  The bank will continue the lease on a month to month basis for now.  Developers are interested in obtaining the land.

When we lived in Tualatin and Tigard, I use to take our coonhound there to run and play.  It was also the first dog park my daughter went to (when she was weeks old).  Potso Dog Park shares a parking lot with an old manufacting building.  The dog park was not open when the business was open.  You had to wait until 4pm so there would be enough parking.  On the weekends, it would be open all day.

Both summer &  halloween events for dogs would be held there.  I have not been there in two years so I don't know if they still have these.  I hope the dog park will live or maybe find a new home.  They are a great way to get your dog some exercise along with socialization.

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Rich Peralta 

Rich Peraltais a real estate professional in the Greater Portland area.

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