March 23, 2011

The Next Big Retirement Destination; Portland, Oregon?

Maybe retirees don't need all the year round sunshine that other states may provide.   Portland has been named the country’s top bargain retirement spots.  There could be a boom in "Boomers" owning Portland real estate.


According to U.S. News & World Report, Portland’s falling home prices helped drive the city to the top.  Since this article was in the money section of the publication, most of this data is based on what your dollar can get you.  While Portland is a good buy with lots of inexpensive, if not free, entertainment and things to do, I thought I would throw out a couple of other points which helps make Portland a good choice for retired living.  Like enjoying the benefits of public transportation, health services, social interaction, continuing education, and local shops, restaurants and entertainment.

No car no problem.  Portland has the nation's best public transit system. This makes it effortless to get around town without driving and lessens the dependence on a car.  Add in the fact that Portlands mixed-area land use and smart urban design, that if you are not using mass transit, your feet can take you most places you want to go.

Portland  has a vibrant &  diverse culture, so there is never a lack of activities and things to do and see.  An educated, progressive and involved city but still very relaxed. You can get dressed up for the theater, dinner or wherever you are wanting to go but nobody will look at you funny if you want to be casual.  In fact, most are. You don't get the sense of hurry up in Portland.  Stumptown is often said to be the United States' most European city.

Right in our backyard you have lots of activity. Hiking, cycling, kayaking, skiing and many other outdoor activities are available year round.   PDX (the airport code for Portland) has more city parks per capita than any other city in the nation (227 parks, including the 5000+ acre Forest Park wilderness).

Volunteer opportunities and arts and entertainment events are available all over the city.  Portland has a climate that is ideal to gardeners. From ballets & independent bookstores to music & brew festivals, your sure to find something to keep you busy in the City of Roses.

You throw in Portland's mild climate,  including some of the best summers you can find, and I can see why our great city could make a good retirement location.


The Top Ten List:

Portland, OR
Tallahassee, FL
Tucson, AZ
Wake Forest, NC
Cathedral City, CA
Wahiawa, HI
Weatherford, TX
Dover, Del.
Sycamore, Ill.
St. Charles, Md.


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