April 26, 2011

The Bridges of Portland, OR

Portland Metro Area Bridges

Portland metro area has 13 bridges that span the Willamette River and 2 that cross the Columbia River. While Portland's bridges have become cultural and architectural landmarks in city they do provide necessary river crossings for the city’s numerous commuters. From the Freemont Bridge south to the the Ross Island bridge, there are 8 bridges that are separated by less than 4 river miles.

Below is a list of the major Portland bridges in the metro area and the year they were opened.

Willamette River Bridges - From North to South


St. Johns Bridge (1931) - Connecting Hwy 30 to N Philadelphia Rd
Fremont Bridge (1973) - Interstate 405
Broadway Bridge (1913)
Steel Bridge (1912) -
  • Vehicles and light rail on upper deck;
  • railroad, pedestrians and bicycles on lower deck.
Burnside Bridge (1926)
Morrison Bridge (1958)
Hawthorne Bridge (1910)
Marquam Bridge (1966) - Interstate 5 in Portland
Ross Island Bridge (1926) - US 26/Powell Blvd
Sellwood Bridge (1925) - Southern most vehicle (non train) crossing in Portland proper
Oregon City Bridge (1922) - Connecting West Linn and Oregon City
Abernathy Bridge (1970) - Connecting West Linn and Oregon City via Interstate 205

Boone Bridge (1954) Interstate 5 in Wilsonville

Columbia River Bridges - From East to West
Interstate Bridge (1917-1918) - Connecting Portland to Vancouver, WA via Interstate 5

Glenn Jackson Memorial Bridge (1982) -  Connecting NE Portland to SW Vancouver, WA via Interstate 205

While the Steel Bridge is my personal favorite, all of them are unique and special in their own way.  Portland would not be the same without them.  In addition, the nickname Bridgetown really wouldn't make sense if we didn't have them all.



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