Jan. 13, 2010

St. Johns

St. Johns is a captivating, family-friendly, historic neighborhood within easy access of downtown Portland. This spectacular development enjoys picturesque views of Forest Park and is home to a stunningly beautiful wildlife sanctuary (Smith and Bybee Lakes). St. Johns is valued for it's intimate village-like feel and is known for it's amazing St. Johns Bridge (the only steel suspension bridge in Portland which boasts majestic Gothic arches). The community's lovely homes consist of ranch-style dwellings, elegant Cape Cod styles, and a few, awesome Victorian residences. St. Johns amenities contribute to the small town, cozy atmosphere and include historic bakeries and shops, charming historic parks, and comfortable coffee houses. The neighborhood enjoys Portland's fantastic attractions, which include outstanding schools, excellent shopping selections, delicious dining, esteemed hospitals, a magnificent library, a major league sports team (the Trail Blazers), a superb zoo, and exceptional museums. Portland offers a wide assortment of employment options with several manufacturing companies, high tech corporations, and retail businesses.

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