Oct. 13, 2010

Southwest Hills: Portland Neighborhood Profile

Southwest Hills is located in what is known as Portland’s “West Hills” and is home to some of the grandest real estate in Portland, boasting an average home price of $718,700 according to Portland Monthly. The neighborhood is a fine balance of sophistication, open space (176 acres of park), privacy and proximity to the city.

The history of the Southwest Hills is one of the more interesting and extreme of all of Portland’s neighborhoods. Being a naturally hilly area, in the 1800's it was virtually impossible to travel to because of the muddy roads. The Portland Cable Railway gave access to the area in 1892. The train service originated in downtown Portland on 5th and Jefferson, and traveled to Canyon Road. It then went from Canyon to approximately Kingston Avenue, then to somewhere around about Fairview Boulevard. The construction of the Vista bridge led to dramatically increased access. By the 1930's, the combination of amazing views and proximity to downtown caused the real estate values to jump from hundreds of dollars an acre up to several thousand. That trend has continued over the decades, which is why the Southwest Hills real estate values remain at the top among Portland neighborhoods.

The neighborhood is also home to one of the City of Roses’ most popular destinations, Council Crest Park which is thought to be the highest point in Portland at 1,073 feet above sea level. The area was originally known as Talbot’s Mountain, after its pioneer settlers. Gone are the cable cars that carried visitors to this scenic vista, but the wonderful views remain and the park is a great place to laze in the grass and watch the sun set. Downtown and Northwest Portland are easily accessible via Barnes Rd. and forest trails are only footsteps away in Washington Park.

Parks and Recreation


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