July 12, 2010

Shade Grown Coffee in Tigard: Java Mama

Come for the $1 latte's and great baked goods, stay for the customer service and atmosphere!

Just west of 217 and Washington Square Mall in the city of Tigard, is a little coffee shop that is making a name for itself.  You name the drink, latte/mocha, cappuccino/expresso, extra hot/ice blended, you get the picture, and the staff will have it up in no time.  Most of the time they're happy to chat, but if you just want the drink, they will always offer a smile.
Java Mama has some good coffee, but the baked goods are wonderful! They are made fresh on site.   My wife gets the pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.  I lean towards the marionberry muffin.  So fresh its wonderful!   My daughter gets cookies, any kind really but sugar, star shaped are her favorite.
I usually get the breakfast bagel when I need a larger serving.  I love it!  I have not tried their soups or sandwiches since I am usually there in the morning.  I hear from other customers that they are just as good as what I usually have.
Java Mama has just added hot dogs to their menu.  West Coast Chicago Hot Dogs has a kiosk for the lunch or snack crowd.  I can't wait to try them!
Java Mama has WiFi, Television, comfy couches and outdoor seating.  There are toys in the back to keep the little ones entertained. I generally go on a Saturday or Sunday, late-morning.  It is always so busy (in a good way) that it can be tough to find a table or a seat.  They just rearranged to get a couple more tables and chairs in, but sometimes it is still standing-room only.  It just goes to show that good word travels fast.  When I can get there during slower times, it's still a great place to be.
All the employees are wonderful.  The owner Salah,  is usually there walking and  talking with everyone who wants to chat with him. He loves to talk with my daughter and is always trying to give her a "special".  My dogs like to hang out in the front and greet anyone who wants to say "hello".  It is just a great place to hang out.
When you are in Tigard, stop in and see for yourself.  You can tell them I sent you... but I can't promise it will get you anything.
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