Nov. 9, 2010

Relax! Portland Makes the List of the Most Relaxed US Cities

Just like Frankie Goes To Hollywood once said, Relax!

With all that Portland has to offer, it is no wonder why we are included in the list of the most relaxed cities by Forbes. Portland received the #4 spot with strong ranking in work hours, health and exercise.

Forbes used six different data points to determine the list.  Here are the numbers for Portland when comparing the top 40 Metro Statistical Areas in the country.

Population: 2,166,809
Exercise Rank: 2
Health Status Rank: 3
Working Hours Rank: 9
Commute Time Rank: 16
Health Care Rank: 23
Unemployment Rank: 24

To read the entire article, click here.

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Rich Peralta is a  real estate professional in the Portland Metro Area.

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