Oct. 22, 2010

Portland Zombie Walk Attracts Living, Dead

Portland, Oregon prides itself on staying "weird" and the 2010 Zombie Walk is going to help it stay that way.

This year marks the 6th annual Zombie Walk, held on Saturday, October 23rd at 3:30pm at Pioneer Square.  Expect to see some pretty gruesome outfits covered in fake blood, guts hanging out and everyone with white face makeup.

The organizers say the purpose of the Zombie Walk is for zombie aficionados to get together and collectively put a twist on some otherwise ordinary day.  Imagine shopping downtown or just popping out of the office for a coffee and having to make your way through a crowd of Zombies!  They also said its a great way to meet other zombie boys and girls.

If you are feeling adventurous, please feel free to join me and a lot of other people downtown on Saturday for some really gross fun! Afterward, many of the adult Zombies will imbibe at one of the nearby watering holes.

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