Oct. 7, 2010

Portland, OR Ranks in Top 5 For Having Babies

According to Parents Magazine, Portland is among the Top 5 cities for having babies.

Ranking the cities in safety, health & money, to name a few, to determine which of the nations 100 largest cities are best for babies. Portland is the only northwest city represented in the Top 10.  Besides Portland, only one other other top 10 city received an A-rating in baby health, and the article contributes the high marks to the number of moms who breast feed.

To see the entire list of the 10 Best Cities for Babies, click here.

Reading the post made me think of why my wife and I moved up here.  We wanted to start a family, and Portland is a great place for that.  At the time, we did not know how important breast feeding would be, we were more focused on safety and the affordability of the area. But really, this article just gives me another excuse to post pictures of my little one when she was a baby.

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Rich Peralta is a real estate professional in the Greater Portland area.

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