Feb. 25, 2011

Portland Snow Day!

It does not take much in order to have schools and basically the city shut down a bit.  We got all of .7 inches of snow this morning and every major school district closed down, including Lake Oswego and West Linn where we live and our daughter goes to school.

The news had everyone looking out for a trace - 2 inches to all the up to 6".  Much better than in December of 2008 when the snow storm brough 16-24 inches of snow and literally brought Portland to its knees.

My Dogs were sure happy to be able to run around in the white stuff.

Snow Days are great but since we did not get much this morning, there was not a whole lot for the kids to play in either.  Just enough to make driving a little treacherous but not enough for a snow man.

Just about every year the valley floor, Portland metro area, gets to see a spot of snow.  This season we have not seen anything since late november when there was a trace (maybe .3") of snow that was melted by 9am. Today, it did not melt until around noon.  But we had another little push of the white powder around 2pm.

Some of the higher elevation places like Bull Mountain, the West Hills / Sylvan, Mt Scott on the eastside got to see 6 inches of snow.  The futher you head out from Portland, the higher in elevation you get.

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