Oct. 4, 2010

Alameda: Portland Real Estate Profile

Alameda sits on a hill with excellent views of downtown, the Willamette and the Cascades, and boasts some of the grandest homes on the Eastside. NE Fremont Street, the neighborhood’s main east-west thoroughfare, is lined with genteel shops and restaurants, while the community’s side streets wind quietly around the hill, past stately cottages and expansive Craftsman homes. Alameda is perfectly poised between the amenities of Beaumont Village and those of Hollywood and is able to enjoy all that these commercial districts have to offer while maintaining a level or serenity uncommon in such an urban neighborhood. They have a Whole Foods, which is a personal favorite. One of the few inner Eastside neighborhoods that combine unobstructed vistas, proximity to amenities and upscale homes, Alameda is a relaxed, family-oriented place to live.

Alameda neighborhood, Portland, OR


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