March 11, 2011

Portland Ranks Among Top Foodie Cities


Portland has a wide variety of farmer’s markets, first-rate breakfast joints, hip cafés, cool restaurants and hometown breweries & pubs .  And if you ask the question, which is the best restaurant in the Rose City, the answers you would receive would range like the abundant types of food served here. With access to the bountiful agriculture throughout the state , fresh catch from local rivers and the Pacific ocean, lush vineyards just over the hills, its no wonder why Portland gets a major nod as a foodie city.   In fact in a recent study, Portland ranks second on a list of America's Top Foodie Cities.

The term “foodie” emerged on the Internet to refer to people with gourmet sensibilities. A foodie is a person whose hobby is food—not just eating it, but also learning about its origins and preparation. Snobbery is not inherent to foodies: being a foodie is about appreciating culinary technique, including mother’s home-cooking.

Second only behind Santa Rosa/Napa, California, the writers in the Sperling's Best Place study said, "Portland has gained increasing recognition for its innovative food scene. With diverse restaurants that range from novo-Peruvian to the famously quirky doughnut shops, Portland is not lacking for unique cuisine. Portland’s green-friendly city also has the largest number of vegetarian and vegan options for diners.  While the tools for foodies are necessary, so are the right places for foodie hangouts. We found the per capita number of craft breweries, brew pubs, wine shops, and wine bars. The foodie community embraces microbreweries and fine wines that complement their dishes. Having a large selection of artisan beers and wines are essential for a foodie city."

Here are some key stats that help rank Portland so high on the list; 79.6% of restaurants are local, 46.6 breweries per million (Portland has more breweries and brewpubs per capita than any other city in the United States. ), 44.7 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)  per million.


This article was recently featured on CNBC, click here for the slide show.


Here are the top ten cities for foodies:

1. Santa Rosa/Napa, CA
2. Portland, OR
3. Burlington, VT
4. Portland, ME
5. San Francisco, CA
6. Providence, RI
7. Boston, MA
8. Seattle, WA
9. Santa Fe, NM
10. Santa Barbara, CA


Side Notes: It was a little funny to see the "other" Portland high on the list as well.  Sitting in the ten spot, is a city that I spent almost 20 years living in. Not only did I move north, really (as the Jeffersons use to say) I moved on up!  In this case, up the Foodie list.
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