June 15, 2010

Jane's Happy Client Stories

Selling your home in these crazy times can feel almost like winning the Lottery! We have some happy sellers here!!  Jake and Darla were worried about how long it would take for their home to sell in the slow market of 2010, but,  lo and behold, it sold for full price in just 5 weeks!  They did all the right things…..

  • They had it showing beautifully, thanks to meticulous attention to detail
  • They made it easily available for buyer viewings
  • Their pricing was realistic, given market trends
  • Last, but not least, they chose the right Realtor to work with!!

Of course, there’s always a little luck involved in attracting the perfect buyer.  The buyer for this home had been looking for a year, having viewed close to 100 homes.  This one grabbed him immediately. Sold!!

And why did it so instantly appeal to him?  An interesting undercurrent was the fact that the buyer had been through intense surgeries over the past several years to repair his heart. Essentially, it was a miracle for him just to be alive. The seller’s special line of work involves cardiac imaging.  She put her home on the market in order to be able to move across the country to attend a specialized institute that deals with arrhythmia technologies, allowing her to specialize even more with heart stressed patients.  Quite the coincidence!!! I speculate that the vibes in the home spoke to our buyer!

Needless to say, Jake and Darla are beyond excited to be moving on with their lives, and it was, as always, my sincere pleasure to do my part.

Thanks for reading! If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in the Portland area, please give me a call. I would love to be your Realtor!

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