Feb. 10, 2010

Getting In on the Ground Floor, Single-Level Homes in Wilsonville

If climbing up and down stairs many times in a day is your thing, there are many homes available for you.

But if you want to truly live on the ground floor, than single level homes are your only option.

For some, its the pain of steps.  Others its the worry about safety.  But more people are just plain sick of having to take stairs to get to the next room.  Whatever the reason, it seems that single level homes are in higher demand.

With single level living, you might be giving up a little space, unless you can find a larger lot that hold such a big house footprint.   Depending on price range and location, in real estate most things can come back to those two points, overall home square footage will be smaller than what you could get with a 2-3 story home on the same size footprint.  But what you give up in square footage, your knees could be thanking you some day.
At eXp Realty and portlandpowersearch.com, we can search for only single level homes in whatever neighborhood you are looking in.  And if you happen to be looking in Wilsonville, Oregon, Bob Weaver has a few homes listed that you should look take a look at.  Click on the link below or go to his website, www.wilsonvillepowersearch.com


Rich Peralta is available to answer your real estate questions or set up a customized home search for you.
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