July 10, 2010

Discount Brokers Treat you like Just Another Number

What ever happened to personalized service?

Have you ever been to Winco? It's quite the experience, and not in a good way.

I heard that I could save money by shopping there so I figured I would check it out. After all, it's a grocery store, right? So, I get my cart and enter the store. No one there to greet me at the door. As I was shopping, I realized not only was there no one in the store to greet me, but there was no one offering to help me find something. Could it be that all the employees are at the check out lanes? So I went about my shopping, got to to the check out line and started loading my groceries onto the conveyer belt. I was very surprised that the check out lady didn't even say 'hi" or acknowledge my existence. I even had to walk right by her to go bag my own groceries. Still, not a word from her. I was a little taken back. So, I went about my business and bagged my groceries, all the while the check out lady checked out two more people in the process. I quickly felt like I was just simply a number. It actually gave me plenty of time to think while I was stewing, "How does this compare to real estate?"

I can only tell you that a good example would be those discount brokers who offer to sell your house for virtually nothing. What do they offer you? From what I hear from customers who have tried their services, they don't offer much, except maybe putting a sign in your yard and putting the home on the MLS. Not only did they not market the house, but they did not provide good customer service. On top of that, some discount brokers even make the customer do a lot of the work themselves.

So what is my point to all of this? When I was in Winco, I felt like a number. I was extremely disappointed in the lack of customer service and yeah, maybe I saved a little money...but I walked away not happy and not wanting to go back to that store. I would much rather go to a "full service" store, get a greeting by multiple people, get approached by people who offer to help me, and then not only do I get a warm greeting when I go to the check out line, but I have someone taking care of bagging my groceries, and offering to bring them out to my vehicle. That is what customer service is all about. That is the way I run my real estate business, and I can tell you that my customers would much rather use my services than go to a discount broker.

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