Jan. 26, 2010

Claim.io Delivers the Latest in Online Branding and SEO

The Latest  in Personal Branding and Search Engine Optimization

Building brand awareness is necessary in any business, especially real estate.Claim.io is a new service designed to help you expand your brand and increase your name recognition across the entire spectrum of online social networks, resulting in a big boost for your website among search engines (SEO).

These days, with technology advancing at a record pace, keeping up with the latest tools and tricks is a truly daunting task. You are probably usingFacebookLinkedIn or Twitter to connect to your potential clients. But, how about the other 300+ social networking sites?

I have been working in the real estate industry for 6 years, and currently operate in the Bellingham and Seattle, WA areas. I’ve read all the books and attended just about every class and seminar, and there is one thing I can tell you for certain: The internet and it’s search engines are the cornerstones of modern marketing, and social media marketing is fast becoming the #1 method for optimizing search engine placement.

As one of Claim.io’s pioneering clients, I have etched my name and personal brand into over 300 social networking sites!

So, why should you care about securing your name or brand with Claim.io? Keep reading, and I’ll tell you…

Here’s what Claim.io can do for you:

  • Improve your rank on search engines. Search engine placement is the name of the game these days. Claim.io will get you noticed…a lot!
  • Eliminate brandjacking and other malicious behaviors. Ever wonder if you are the only “you” in the world? Google yourself and find out… Did you know that someone else can own your name on the internet? It’s true. Anybody can register a name on a website…Get control of your name before your competition does!
  • Broadcast a consistent message across all major social networks. This is the most important. Own your name and broadcast a consistent message across all of the social networks, with links back to your preferred website.

The Best Idea of 2010

In the world of real estate, getting ahead online takes a ton of work and technical knowledge. Unfortunately, most of us are too busy focusing on closing deals to spend much time working on our online presence. What we really need is some help, and Claim.io delivers.

With Claim.io you can “claim” your name or business, giving you control of your personal brand across the internet. For example, you could create a username of “Bob Smith” which would then be signed up to 300+ social networks, all of which would link back to your main website, providing powerful SEO for that site. That means that if someone Googles “Bob Smith” there is a good chance they will be directed to your website. But, there’s more…

This also works for just about every imaginable keyword: Bellingham Real Estate, Seattle Real Estate, King County Foreclosures, etc. You get the drift. Of course, you can always stick with your name or company name, depending on your particular branding strategy. Adding short and long-tail keywords to those 300+ profiles will help your home site come up first whenever they are searched in Google by potential customers.

I’m sure you have some questions, and that’s just fine. I’m happy to chat with you and answer your questions any time. Just e-mail me at Loren@LorenCastillo.com or click on the banner to the right!

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