Feb. 26, 2011

Casa Del Pollo, Lake Oswego's Taste of Costa Rica

Casa del Pollo in Lake Oswego Oregon


Casa Del Pollo is like having a taste of Costa Rica right here in the Lake Grove district of Lake Oswego.  Located at 15910 Boones Ferry Rd in Lake Oswego, Casa Del Pollo serves up some authentic roasted Costa Rican food.  As you can tell by the name,  their specialtty is chicken.  In addition to the "pollo", I have had the steak and the kielbasa and they are every bit as good as the chicken the restaurant is named for.

Owner Jorge Zuniga of Casa del Pollo in Lake Oswego, OR 

Owned and operated by natives of Costa Rica, Jorge and Zoraida Zuniga  have opened their second Casa Del Pollo restaurant in the Portland metro area..  They family had the first Casa Del Pollo restaurant in Gresham when they lived there.  The original restaurant was open for about 4 years between 2004 and 2007 before they decided to focus on their non-restaurant businesses.

At Casa Del Pollo everything is made fresh, healthy and affordable; nothing is frozen.  They take pride in making homemade Costa Rican style cooking, and really enjoy it too.

Their menu is somewhat limited by the fact that the hood in the kitchen is not in place.  After that is in place they are working with the city to build an open rotisserie oven in place of the gas grill.  Rotisserie is Jorge's preference for cooking.  He prefers the heat to do the cooking, not the flame.  He used to use apple wood from Hood River at the first Casa Del Pollo location large brick oven.

Jorge has been cooking chickens since 1982 back when he was in Costa Rica.  He has seen quite a bit in the restaurant business and is ready for almost anything that the business can throw at him.  He missed the restaurant business after being away from it for a few years.  When this opportunity presented itself,  he was eager to jump back in.  He really enjoys talking with and getting to know each customer.  One of the best parts of his work day is getting to meet new people and talk about Costa Rica.  Just going back there for a few meals it almost like an extended family. Casa del pollo in Lake Oswego

Depending on when you visit, you might see one of their three children, Mario, Natalie and David, at the restaurant. Of the three, Mario works the most at the restaurant  but only when he is not behind a camera being a photovideographer.

While they just opened for business in early February, Casa Del Pollo is already starting to get the regulars coming in.  Customers will come to Casa Del Pollo for the great food but will end up staying for the company and conversation.

When you stop by to order that chicken burrito, tell them Rich Peralta sent you. He'll probably tell you that I need to learn to speak more Spanish.

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