March 4, 2011

2010 Census Data and Portland Real Estate

Now that the 2010 US Census data has been released for the state of Oregon, I wanted to see what the numbers for Portland metro area looked like.



First, I wanted to see what our entire United states Population was up to.   According to the US census, on April 1, 2010, the population was 308,745,538 up 9.7% from the 2000 census.  The west region (defined as everything west of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico) had the smallest population change over the last 100 years.  Only raising the population just over 13%.  The 1940 census was the only year that the west had less than 19% growth and that census data had the growth at almost 17%.  In addition, the West region had dominated the last 100 years with the largest growth rate in the US.  This census the South region took the top spot with a growth of over 14%.


Oregon now has a 3.8 million people living in this wonderful state.  That is a 12% population growth over the 2000 census and puts us right between Washington (14%) and California (10%).  The only state to have a growth of over 25% was Nevada with over 35%.  Puerto Rico (-2.2%) and Michigan (-.6%) were the only two states (territories) with population losses for the last 10 years.



The state of Oregon has density ranking of 41 out of 52 state and territories (DC and Puerto Rico) and at just under 40 people per square mile, is less than half of the national average of 87.4 people per square mile. 

Portland Metro Area

Now lets look at three biggest Oregon counties (Multnomah,Clackamas and Washington)  that help make up the Portland metro areas to get an idea of what has happed over the last 10 years.

Multnomah county had almost 75,000 new or additional people move into the county since the 2000 census. Back in 2000 the population was 660,486; and now is at roughly 735,334 an 11% jump in population.  While Multnomah county may be the largest in the metro area (and in the state), it was not the highest growing of the big three.  Washington county had the most growth gaining over 84,000 (19%) new residents in the last 10 years up to a population just over 529,000. One could attribute Washington counties larger population increase to the availability of more land for expansion and industry during the high-tech boom years.Rounding out the big three is Clackamas county with a population of 375,992.  Up from 338,ooo meaning Clackamas added over 37,000 new residents also an 11% increase.


Some thought on the numbers is that Oregon as a whole experiences a high-level of migration from other states because of its livability, affordability as well as Portland real estate.  Most of the entires state's growth probably happened in the first part of the decade (2000-2007) before the recession hit bringing in numbers at a slower rate.

The city of Hillsboro's (Washington County) population gain reflected a 30.5 percent growth rate,  the highest of any of the metro-area cities, to 91,611 residents.  Other metro-area cities had very little growth in the last 10 years.  Gladstone gained 0.5% to 11,497 residents and Lake Oswego gained 4% to 36,619.  One major metro-area city actually lost population.  The city of Milwaukie lost 1% of its population to 20,291.


The highest growth rate in any of Oregon's counties belongs to Deschutes, up 37% to 157,733.  The largest decline in population belongs to Sherman County down 8% to 1,765 residents.  Oregon cities that saw big increases during the decade were in Deschutes County.  Bend, with a 47 percent increase in population to 76,639;  and Redmond, which almost doubled its population, to 26,215,  a nearly 95 percent hike.



Portland vs Seattle


I am not talking about the Trailblazers vs the old Sonics or the Timbers vs the Sounders.  Two of the largest cities in the Northwest United States are closer in populations now.  Portland added almost 10,000 more residents than Seattle did 2000-10, closing the population gap  between the two; 583,776 residents in Portland, 608,660 in Seattle.


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