Sept. 16, 2010

eXp Agent Benefit's Package

Agent Benefits Package

Gabe Hoggarth

As an innovative and driven Web 3.0 Real Estate Company our goal is to provide the best available tools to our Agents and Teams with the support and infrastructure to use them effectively and efficiently. From a research and development standpoint we are constantly exploring the newest technologies and applying these technologies with our experience of the real worldto create a dynamic advantage for our company.

Our belief is that the best tools are simple to implements, save time and money, provide a clear competitive advantage over others in the industry and ultimately closes more deals building lasting relationships between Agents and Clients.

Below are the tools available to you at eXp Realty, success is here.

eXp apps 
Instant setup with a personalized suite of communication and productivity tools. Enjoy near limitless email and conversation storage, real time document sharing and collaboration platform, and an integrated calendar with task management and online scheduling.

If you run a team, create email groups to communicate easily, share and edit documents as a group, and give access for your team to view your calendar and schedule appointments. These tools will increase the productivity of teams and individual Agents.

eXp virtual 
A persistent virtual office and classroom with both on-demand and collaborative national training. eXp virtual is a state of the art platform never before introduced to the Real Estate industry.

We have developed the most efficient education platform for agents to securely communicate and collaborate with the companies top agents, state brokers and coaches, anytime of day.

eXp box 
Take the frustration out of working with third parties by making resource sharing as easy as sending a link. Forget difficult and frustrating FTP software. Give clients, partners and vendors more insight into your process and instant access to the most current plans, designs and files.

With eXp box spend less time managing documents and more time focused on getting the deal done. Box helps you stay in control by moving the document management process out of email and into a separate, secure workspace. We are a paperless company for efficiency, convenience and the environment.

eXp crm 
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. With eXp CRM your client information is always online and always available to access, from any computer in the world.

Setup for success with pre-loaded drip mailing campaigns and the tools to seamlessly track and collaborate with other agents and staff on specific clients and/or tasks related to you and your clients. Make life simplier with technology, not more complicated.

eXp fax 
Every agent receives a personal inbound fax line with secure delivery directly to the broker. With eXp fax and eXp box, agents can receive and view inbound faxes anywhere, anytime.
eXp host 
For agents who want to have their own WordPress blog using their own domain name the company provides free hosting.

We understand the importance of a strong web presence and and to make life easier, we offer a complete and complimentary web hosting package for all eXp Realty agents. Personal websites, .com/.net/.org if it’s online we can host it.

eXp blog 
As you may already know, eXp Realty operates some of the most visited Real Estate websites on the web and we want to feature you. As an agent you have author access to contribute blog content and brand yourself within these sites.

Generate personal leads (and at no extra cost) from our ongoing company efforts to continually position more sites to the top of the search engines for local communities.

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